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All it took was some graffiti daubed on a school wall and the arrest of the culprits in the middle of class to trigger the revolt that had been brewing. After more than a month of peaceful demonstrations against emergency laws and arbitrary rule, which at Deraa, Banias, Baida and Homs were violently repressed as security forces fired their weapons even at those seeking to help the wounded, the Syrian government finally adopted a bill on Tuesday 19 April to repeal the state of emergency, which had been in force for almost fifty years. This was one of the demonstrators’ key demands. Furthermore, the State Security Court, responsible for trying political prisoners, was abolished and demonstrations were once again permitted.

But scarcely a few hours after the government announcements, arbitrary arrests were on the increase and extreme violence seemed to be the only response to people’s demands for an open, multi-party political system. With the introduction of fresh ‘anti-terrorist’ laws, the new legal arsenal at the disposal of those in power is just as restrictive as the one it has replaced.

Citing a foreign conspiracy and threats to the country’s stability, the authorities are blowing hot and cold, ignoring what thousands of demonstrators are risking their lives to call for: dignity, reform and the opening up of their country to the world.

14 March, 2012

 Campaigners mark one year of bloodshed in Syria

12 March, 2012

 Open Letter to the Members of the UN Security Council

1 March, 2012

 UN Human Rights Council resolution calls for end to impunity for Syrian regime

23 February, 2012

 Appeal to the “Friends of Syria” conference

23 February, 2012

 The UN Security Council has the responsibility to take action to end the bloodshed in Syria

22 February, 2012

 Syria: Syrian Authorities must immediately and unconditionally release Mazen Darwish and other detained activists

16 Février, 2012

 Concern for 14 human rights defenders arrested in SCM’s offices

6 Février, 2012

 Russia and China Give Green Light for Murder of Syrian People

9 January, 2012

 SYRIA - Arbitrary arrest of activist within medical facilities puts his life in danger

19 December, 2011

 Joint call by Civil Society to the United Nations Security Council: Urgent action needed to provide protection to civilians in Syria and to ensure accountability

19 December, 2011

 Arab and International civil society present measures to the League of Arab States to ensure effectiveness of the targeted sanctions on Syria

7 December, 2011

 Acts of harassment, arbitrary detention and torture against several human rights lawyers

6 December, 2011

 Arrest and incommunicado detention of Ms. Razan Ghazzawi

24 November, 2011

 Incommunicado detention of Mr. Bahar Abd Razzaq

23 November, 2011

 Concern for Human Rights Lawyer Mustafa Osso and other Syrian lawyers

23 October, 2011

 UN General Assembly Should Condemn the Violence in Syria

19 October, 2011

 Ongoing incommunicado and arbitrary detention of Mr. Issam Zaghloul

17 October, 2011

 Silence Is Not an Option! Syrians cannot afford to wait: Arab and International civil society present measures to the League of Arab States to intensify leadership on Syria

30 September, 2011

 Call for Strong and Urgent Security Council Action on Syria

13 September, 2011

 Silence Is Not an Option! Syrians Cannot Afford to Wait!

1 September, 2011

 Relatives of activists targeted in retaliation

25 August, 2011

 Escalation of acts of harassment and arbitrary arrests of lawyers

24 August, 2011

 Release of Mr. Abdel Karim Rihaoui, President of the Syrian League for Human Rights, after eleven days in detention

2 August, 2011

 Open letter: Open letter to members of the UN Security Council

28 July, 2011

 Report: Bashar Al Assad: Criminal against humanity

26 July, 2011

 Urgent appeal: Incommunicado detention and subsequent release of Mr. Rami Mohamed Dalati

20 July 2011

 Urgent appeal: Arbitrary detention and judicial harassment against Mr. Mohamed Najati

28 June, 2011

 Urgent appeal: Obstacle to the freedom of movement imposed on Mr. Danial Saoud

20 June, 2011

 Urgent appeal: Arbitrary detention and judicial harassment of Messrs. Osama Nassar, Mutaz Mourad, Mohammad Alammar and Anas Al-Shughri

17 June, 2011

 Joint press release: Killing of civilians and humanitarian crisis on Syrian Turkish border

3 June, 2011

 Urgent appeal: Incommunicado detention of Ms. Razan Zaitouneh’s husband and brother

17 May, 2011

 Mass grave uncovered in Syria - Joint press release

16 May, 2011

 Abduction and incommunicado detention of Ms. Catherine Altalli

4 May, 2011

 Daraa: Ten days of massacres

29 April, 2011

 Repression in Syria : assessment by Ignace Leverrier, former diplomat (article in French)

 International crimes are being perpetrated by the Syrian authorities

 Arbitrary detention and judicial harassment against Mr. Rasim Al-Atassi Suleyman

27 April, 2011

 Interview of Radwan Ziadeh, Director of the Damascus Center for Human Rights

 Massacre of peaceful protesters in Syria: the international community must act urgently

19 April, 2011

 Lifting of state of emergency falls short of significant reforms in light of increased repression

15 April, 2011

 The authorities should put an immediate end to the smearing campaign against a human rights defender in exile

6 April, 2011

 Call for United Nations Human Rights Council Special Session on the Human Rights Situation in the Syrian Arab Republic

5 April, 2011

 List of people killed in Syria since March 18, 2011 (edited by the Damascus Center for Human Rights Studies)

 A gap between what is said and what is done

25 March, 2011

 Release of Mr. Mazen Darwish, Director of the Syrian Centre for Media and Freedom of Expression

24 March, 2011

 Arrest of Mr. Mazen Darwish, Director of the Syrian Centre for Media and Freedom of Expression

23 March, 2011

 Unprecedented protests violently repressed

18 March, 2011

 32 human rights defenders and family members of prisoners of conscience charged

16 March, 2011

 Assault and arrest of dozens of family members of human rights defenders and prisoners of conscience

4 March, 2011

 Report: Publication of a joint trial observation report

8 February, 2011

 Authorities must stop acts of intimidation aimed at preventing the holding of peaceful gatherings

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