TUNISIA: CEDAW reservations officially withdrawn

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The decision to withdraw all reservations to the CEDAW convention was announced in October 2011. After years of wavering, the Tunisian government finally notified the UN of its decision which took effect on the 17 April 2014.
By accepting the Convention, Tunisia has demonstrated its commitment to end discrimination against women in all forms. The Tunisian government is now bound to undertake a series of measures for realising equality namely ensuring women’s equal access to, and equal opportunities in, political and public life.

FIDH, with its member organisations, ATFD, LTDH and Doustourna, carried out a huge and sustained advocacy campaign to obtain the lifting of these reservations. They will continue to closely monitor the implementation. To this immediate effect, they urge the Tunisian government to withdraw its general declaration to the convention effectively undermining conformity between national legislation and CEDAW requirements.

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