Leader of the Libyan Revolution, Colonel Muammar Al Qadhafi

Urgent Appeal

The FIDH is preoccupied by the refusal of the Libyan authorities to authorize the return of Mr. Youssouf Togoimi’s body to Chad. Mr. Togoïmi, of Chadian nationality, was the President of an armed Chadian opposition movement, the Movement for Democracy and Justice in Chad (MDJT). Mr. Togoïmi was evacuated by the Libyan forces to benefit from medical treatment, after being wounded by a mine on August 27, 2002 in the far North of Chad, near the border with Libya. Mr. Togoïmi died on September 24, 2002 in Tripoli, Libya, as a result of his injuries.

Despite several return procedures initiated by the MDJT since September 2002, the Libyan authorities have not considered their requests. The FIDH voices its concern over this situation, which is contrary to humanitarian principles. The FIDH is worried about this refusal, which is not based on any serious grounds.

At the request of Youssouf Togoimi’s movement and his family, the FIDH, out of elementary humanitarian concerns, calls upon the Libyan authorities to authorize the immediate return of Mr. Togoimi’s body to Tibesti, in Chad, in order for him to be buried, out of respect for the principle of human dignity.

We thank you in advance for the attention you will bring to our request,

Yours faithfully,

Sidiki Kaba
President of the FIDH

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