Egypt court sentences 7 men to hefty imprisonment sentences for sexual assault in Tahrir

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On July 17th, a Cairo Criminal Court convicted 5 men to life imprisonment, and two men to 20 years imprisonment on charges of indecent assault with force, use of force and thuggery, theft, kidnapping and detention on June, 8 2014 in Tahrir Square. The verdict constitutes a positive development towards the fight against impunity, although there are hundreds of other cases that are yet to undergo investigations, prosecutions and punishment.
FIDH and its partner organizations have long campaigned for accountability for crimes of sexual violence. A joint report published last April documented the epidemic of sexual violence in Egypt and the state’s failure to take necessary measures to end it. Among the main factors fueling sexual violence is impunity.
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Read here FIDH’s joint report entitled “Egypt: Keeping women out, sexual violence against women in the public sphere”.

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