FIDH strongly condemns terrorist attack in Turkey

FIDH firmly and unequivocally condemns the bomb attack that took place in Istanbul’s Atatürk airport on 28 June, killing 41 people and leaving more than 230 wounded. It expresses its sincere solidarity with the victims, the survivors and their families and with all those who have suffered the consequences of terrorist violence across the world.

FIDH reiterates its appeal that the Turkish authorities, while addressing the challenges deriving from the need to fight against terrorism and ensuring safety for all their citizens, will endeavour to ensuring respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms, as enshrined in international law.

The fight against terrorism and security concerns should especially not be used as a pretext for restricting fundamental freedoms, including freedom of expression, assembly and association, targeting human rights defenders, journalists, lawyers and other dissenting voices and violating human rights.

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