FIDH third-party intervention: hate crime case against LGBTI individuals in Romania

Today, FIDH, jointly with ILGA-Europe and AIRE Centre, submitted written comments in the case M.C. and A.C. v. Romania, concerning serious assault against LGBTI individuals travelling home from an annual gay pride march in Bucarest, Romania, in 2006.

The purpose of FIDH-ILGA-Europe-AIRE-Centre submissions in this important case of hate crime against LGBTI individuals is:
 to set the events giving rise to this application against the back drop of widespread and frequent hate crimes against LGBTI individuals across Europe;
 to emphasise that these events have a particular significance as they arise in the context of the exercise of the rights of free expression and assembly;
 and to remind the Court of the positive obligations on Council of Europe Member States to protect victims of homophobic hate crimes including the requirements for appropriate criminal legislation, for effective investigations into attacks of this kind, and for proper training within the justice system; all of which are necessary to ensure that efforts to combat violence against LGBTI individuals are practical and effective, not merely theoretical and illusory.

FIDH-ILGA-Europe-AIRE Centre written comments (January 2014):

M.C. and A.C. v. Sweden: FIDH third-party intervention before the ECtHR - January 2014 [EN]
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