Greece violates the right to health of residents of the Asopos river concludes the European Committee of Social Rights

Athens, Paris, 6 June 2013 - FIDH and its member organization, the Hellenic League for Human Rights, had lodged a collective complaint against Greece on 8 July 2011, claiming Greece’s failure to eliminate or reduce the harmful impact of the large-scale industrial pollution of River Asopos on the health of residents. The Committee unanimously recognised Greece’s violation of the right to protection of health guaranteed by the European Social Charter. “It is time the Greek authorities seriously address the pollution of the Asopos river. The harmful consequences of inaction can no longer be overlooked” said Yannis Ktistakis from the Hellenic League.

FIDH and the Hellenic League call on the Greek authorities to implement the decision of the European Committee of Social Rights and to immediately:

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