After the rose, the thorns: Political prisoners in post-revolutionary Georgia

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Despite strong allegations regarding the existence of political prisoners from Georgian NGOs, human rights defenders, political parties and Georgia’s public defender, neither intergovernmental organisations nor international NGOs formally acknowledged their existence in Georgia. The Council of Europe officially recognized such prisoners’ existence in Azerbaijan and Armenia.
However, several intergovernmental organisations and international NGOs have documented and denounced the Georgian government’s political repression against the opposition.

The FIDH investigation report concludes that political prisoners exist in Georgia. Though the report does not give a comprehensive list of political prisoners, it does aim to illustrate its assessment through eight pilot cases. These cases mainly demonstrate how some political opponents, funders of the political opposition and influential individuals linked to the opposition are arrested and detained after being sentenced in totally- or partially-fabricated judicial cases.

The most frequently used charges involve illegal storage of weapons or drugs, extortion, and attempting to overthrow the government.

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