UN Human Rights Committee Urges the Czech Republic to Discontinue Discriminatory Practises against Roma

Press release

The International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH) and the League of Human Rights (LIGA - FIDH member organisation in the Czech Republic) welcome the Concluding Observations adopted today by the United Nations Human Rights Committee [1]. Those recommendations follow the examination of the Czech government’s state report to the UN experts under the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights acceded by the Czech Republic in 1993.

The concluding observations issued by the Committee largely reflect the concerns of FIDH and LIGA:

Concerning police impunity, the Committee recommended to the Czech Republic “to establish a mechanism for the investigation of complaints concerning actions of law enforcement officials which is completely independent from the Ministry of Interior”.

The Human Rights Committee deplored the practise of forced sterilization, and called on the Czech Republic to “take the necessary measures to prevent involuntary or coercive sterilization in the future” and “grant compensation and provide assistance to victims, including legal assistance to those who intend lodging a claim before the courts” . They regretted that a disproportionately large number of Roma children attend classes with distinct curricula and stated that the Czech Republic “should develop programs aimed at ending the segregation of Roma in schools”. The Committee is also concerned “that a disproportionaly high number of Roma children are removed from their families and placed in social care institutions”.

With regards to the confinement in psychiatric hospital, the Human Rights Committee urges the state to ensure that “an effective judicial review of the lawfulness of the admission and detention of such person in health institutions takes place in each case” and to take “firm measures to abolish completely the use of enclosed restraint beds in psychiatric and related institutions”.

LIGA and FIDH welcome the timely submission of the report and the frank dialogue of the State Party delegation during the Committee session. FIDH and LIGA call on Czech Republic to fully implement the recommandations of the committee in order to fullfill its international obligations.

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