Oral statement on the human rights situation in Myanmar


UN Human Rights Council - 29th special session

12 February 2021

Oral statement on the human rights situation in Myanmar

Madam President,

FIDH and its member organizations ALTSEAN-Burma and Women Peace Network express their strongest condemnation of the military coup d’état in Myanmar. The Tatmadaw violated its own undemocratic 2008 constitution – a charter it pledged to respect just two days before the coup.

It is likely that the absolute and unchecked powers that General Min Aung Hlaing has attributed to himself will lead to further human rights violations without any accountability. Eleven days after the coup, worrying signs are already on full display.

At least 220 people, including elected Members of Parliament, government officials, and activists, have been arbitrarily detained since the coup. The number rises by the hour. Censorship controls have been tightened. Internet connectivity was cut to 14% of pre-coup levels. A new, repressive Cybersecurity Law has been proposed. Security forces have violently cracked down on peaceful and unarmed protesters in violation of relevant international standards for the policing of assemblies.

A safe, dignified, and voluntary repatriation of Rohingya refugees from Bangladesh will not be possible under the rule of the Tatmadaw - the very institution directly responsible for a genocidal campaign against them, and the commission of serious international crimes against other ethnic nationalities.

We urgently call on the council to mandate the UN Special Rapporteur to provide an oral update on the situation at the next council sessions, and to transmit all evidence of international crimes and violations of international law committed since the coup, in pursuit of accountability.

Thank you.

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