Extraordinary Motion on the “Woman, Life, Freedom” movement in Iran

Presented by the League for the Defence of Human Rights in Iran (LDDHI)‎
To the 41st FIDH Congress
Paris, 23-27 October 2022‎

Considering th+at the judiciary of the Islamic Republic of ‎ Iran announced on 24 ‎October 2022 the issuing of indictments against 315 detained protesters in the ‎capital Tehran, at least four of whom are most likely to face the death penalty, ‎against 213 protesters in Khuzestan province and 201 protesters in Alborz ‎province; and has vowed to take a harsh approach towards other protesters; ‎

Considering the ongoing crackdown on protests in the universities and cities ‎across Iran; ‎

Considering that the death toll during the recent protests since 16 September to ‎‎2022 to this date is at least 250 and the real number is likely higher, including at ‎least 34 children; ‎

Considering that thousands of protesters have been arrested, including school ‎students and hundreds of civil society activists, in the last 40 days and are facing ‎torture and harsh sentences; ‎

Considering that thousands of courageous women have been spearheading the ‎ongoing movement for freedom all over Iran with the slogan “Woman, Life, ‎Freedom”; ‎

Considering that the number of recorded death sentences carried out to this date ‎in October 2022 is about 450 and the real number is likely higher;‎

Considering that other most serious crimes under international law and gross ‎human rights violations committed in Iran in the past have not been investigated.‎

The 41st FIDH Congress
• Expresses its strong support for the movement for freedom in Iran;‎

• Repeats the calls made in joint FIDH-LDDHI statements for the ‎establishment of an independent, international inquiry to address the ‎atrocities committed since 16 September 2022 and other most serious ‎crimes under international law and gross human rights violations ‎committed in Iran.‎

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