FIDH supports an international campaign for the release of Iranian students

Press release
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The international campaign for the release of the Iranian students, supported by Shirin Ebadi, will take place in April-May 2012. FIDH expresses its solidarity with all Iranian students, especially those who are still detained and those who are campaigning for their rights to assembly, association and education inside Iran.


Different reports of the uprisings after the 2009 elections in Iran suggest the killing of a number of university students at the hands of the security forces. A number of these students such as Neda Agha Soltan, Mohammad Mokhtari, Sane’e Jaleh and Hamed Nour-Mohammadi were shot and killed in the streets during peaceful rallies. Some were killed in jails under torture, like Mohsen Roohol Amini, Mohammad Kamrani [1] and Amir Javadyfar, and some during the attacks by the Basij militia and revolutionary guards on the universities. [2]

Today, scores of students remain in prison, including Majid Tavakkoli and Bahareh Hedayat, two symbols of the Iranian student movement. Bahareh is the 2012 laureate of the Edelstam Prize. Hundreds more have been subject to all sorts of persecution, including arrests, judicial harassment, expulsion from universities, disciplinary measures, etc.

The following documents are attached to this message:

  • a short biography of Bahareh Hedayat;
  • a petition submitted to the Special Rapporteur on the human rights situation in Iran, with details of all cases of harassment against Iranian students;
  • the list of the 29 students who are still detained.
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