Armanshahr Issue 31-32 published

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Armanshahr (a periodical on human rights and civil society), Issue 31-32 published

May 2013, Year V

[rouge]In this issue:
Armanshahr Goftegu debates[/rouge]
• Commemorating International Book and Children’s Book Days – Goftegu 112
• Why is poetry a social issue? – Goftegu 105
[rouge]Simorgh Peace Prize[/rouge]
• Simorgh: Two years of critique meetings; 3rd round of peace prize – Goftegu 113
• Call to musicians for submission of works to the 3rd Simorgh Peace Prize
[rouge]Human Rights[/rouge]
• Afghanistan Must Bolster Its Capacity to Identify the Missing – Physicians for Human Rights
• Role of strong laws with executive guarantee in culture building – Interview with Ms. Rasti
[rouge]Children’s Books[/rouge]
• The Emperor’s New Clothes and 44 other stories, Hans Christian Andersen

* Other items in the Dari version
* Armanshahr/OPEN ASIA Publications

• Human Rights in Afghanistan: a call for greater commitment by the Afghan government and the UN system;
Joint report of Armanshahr Foundation/Open Asia & International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH) – March 2013

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