Armanshahr (a periodical on human rights and civil society), Issues 17-18 & 19-20 (Special issue on prisons)

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Armanshahr - a periodical on human rights and civil society, Year 3, Vol.4

Issue 19-20: Special issue on prisons

Table of Contents:

· Conditions of women prisoners – interview with ministry expert

· Joint Statement of 2 women’s groups to Bonn 2 Conference

· Afghan prisons population increases 20% a year – Prisons director

· Conditions of prisons - interview with Bar Association president

· Conditions of prisons and treatment of prisoners - Interview with AIHRC officials

· United Nations concerned with torture of prisoners in Afghanistan

· Human rights violations in Bagram and Pul-e Charkhi prisons – Kebriaei

· Report of visit to Pul-e Charkhi Prison by parliamentary committee

· Civil society groups on international conference in Bonn – press release

· Transitional justice is a transition from war to enduring peace – Goftegu 79

· Traditions concerning convicted women in rural areas of Afghanistan

· Orphan children and orphanages

· An introduction to prison rules in Afghanistan

· Democracy building project is stagnating after spending billions of dollars – Goftegu 80

· List of Abolitionist and retentionist countries

· Prison memoirs: From Bagram to Guantánamo – Book reviews

· Armanshahr’s 4 new books and pamphlets

· Human rights organisations reports on prison or death penalty in region

· Reports on human rights and prison

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