Paul Barril indicted for complicity in Rwandan genocide

Press release
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The French Human Rights League (LDH), the association Survie and FIDH welcome the swift opening of a judicial investigation, following the complaint filed on 24 June 2013 against Paul Barril at the Tribunal de grande instance in Paris, on the grounds of complicity in genocide, in particular for having concluded an agreement with the Prime Minister of the Interim Government of Rwanda, Jean Kambanda, to supply arms, ammunition, training and supervision.

The decision to open a judicial investigation will make it possible for the case to be referred to an investigating judge and for an independent and in-depth inquiry to be carried out. FIDH, LDH and Survie, the complainant organisations, will be informed of progress in the investigation and will be able to contribute to the case.

FIDH, LDH and Survie denounce the conclusion and partial implementation by Paul Barril of a contract to supply arms, ammunition, training and supervision, at a time when genocide was being perpetrated in Rwanda and the international community was denouncing the numerous grave violations of human rights committed in the country. On 17 May 1994, in Resolution 918, the U.N. Security Council adopted adopted an embargo on weapons, prohibiting the sale and supply of “arms and related material of all types, including weapons and ammunition”.

Paul Barril, a former captain in the French gendarmerie, worked in the security sector and advised many Heads of State, especially in Africa. He enjoyed long-standing priviliged relations with the Rwandan authorities and was very familiar with the Rwandan geopolitical situation. FIDH, LDH and Survie allege that he must have been aware of the consequences of an agreement that provided resources for the crimes committed in Rwanda during that period.

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