Justice is overlooked by the transition

The opening of the first investigation of the International Criminal Court on crimes committed in Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) constitutes a great hope for the victims and for Congolese human rights defenders. Since 3 years, FIDH and its affiliated organisations in DRC examine the issue of Justice and democratic transition in this country. Since April 2003, FIDH and its affiliated organisations in DRC largely contributed to the mobilisation of the organs of the Court on that situation.

FIDH publishes a report this Tuesday, 29 June 2004: "DRC: Justice is overlooked by the transition". It highlights the stakes and perspectives after the announcement of the preliminary inquiry by the Prosecutor. This report will be made public at the occasion of a press conference at the FIDH office in The Hague. Congolese human rights defenders will be present as they attend a training workshop organised by FIDH in The Hague on the mechanisms and the functioning of the ICC.

Press conference - Tuesday, 29 June 2004
At the Office of the FIDH permanent representative in The Hague
Address: Anna Paulownastraat 103 2518BC The Hague - La Haye Netherlands - Pays-Bas
Dismas Kitenge: President of the groupe Lotus; Paul Nsapu: President of the Ligue des électeurs; Flavien Misoni: AVIGUTURI - Association de victimes, Ituri; Karine Bonneau: FIDH permanent representative in The Hague; as well as 8 other representatives of Congolese Human rights NGOs.
Contacts : The Hague : Karine Bonneau : Tel + 31 70 356 02 59 / Fax + 31 70 356 02 71 Paris : Gaël Grilhot : Tel : +33-1 43 55 25 18 / Fax : + 33-1 43 55 18 80

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