Central African Republic: the Security Council finally acts to protect the population

On 5 December 2013 the United Nations Security Council adopted a resolution to deploy the MISCA and the French troops to ensure the safety of the civilian population that has suffered from serious human rights violations committed by armed gangs.

In compliance with the FIDH recommendation, summarised in an open letter to the members of the Security Council, the resolution also stresses the importance of protecting human rights, strengthening the rule of law and the fight against the impunity of the perpetrators of the more serious crimes, including sexual crimes. It recommends the creation of a U.N. investigating commission to establish the facts and identify the people responsible.

FIDH will continue advocating the dispatch of a U.N. peace-keeping mission which is better suited to meeting the long-term challenge connected to the political transition, the organisation of free, transparent elections, the consolidation of the rule of law, and reconciliation.

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