Violence against women: the most common but least punished

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Every year on the 25th of November, the whole world is outraged at violence against women. One day, over 365 days in which women suffer relentlessly all forms of assault, rape, murder perpetrated in their vast majority by men and most often with complete impunity. Women are not just victims of discrimination. Everywhere, they are also the main actors of their own emancipation. As shown by recent massive mobilisations against sexual violence (#MeToo), femicide (Ni Una Menos in Latin America, Non Una Di Meno in Italy), or for the right to abortion (Poland, Brazil), progress at the national, regional and international levels is always adopted under pressure from feminist movements who are fighting every day for equal rights. On the occasion of November 25th, FIDH pays tribute to the struggles of women through a video that illustrates recent mobilizations around the world. The FIDH movement supports and contribute to these struggles for the urgent and definitive elimination of violence against women and the sexist discrimination that underlies them.

Violence against women: the most common but least punished by FIDH on Scribd

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