Cyber survival kit - Citizens under surveillance. Watch out!

In July 2018, FIDH, together with Cairo Institute (CIHRS), the Human Rights League (LDH) and the Arms Transfers Observatory (OBSARM), published an explosive report on the sale of weapons and surveillance technologies by France to Egypt.

In all likelihood, this equipment was used by Egyptian president Abdel Fattah al-Sisi’s regime to arrest, prosecute, and repress political opponents, human rights defenders, journalists, and writers.

Somewhat earlier, in January 2018, FIDH published another report, through the Observatory for the Protection of Human Rights Defenders, on the dire situation of women defenders in Saudi Arabia. The report focused on the systematic tracking by Saudi authorities of the positions taken by these brave women on social networks.

It has become clear that digital activity exposes the defenders in our Federation—as it exposes everyone throughout the world—to real dangers and violations of their rights. While awareness of this fact is now widespread, one question remains unanswered: How do you protect yourself from such insidious, yet discreet, intrusions? The purpose of this guide is to provide information that can help answer that question.

The first step is to understand the dangers. However, this guide goes further and also offers specific tools to protect oneself online.

There is no infallible and ultimate solution to shield our private lives from invasion in cyberspace or to counter globalized sales of our personal data. Nevertheless, we can collectively heighten our level of vigilance. The target audience for this guide is human rights defenders, but all citizens can also benefit from the information provided. We all have a role in ensuring our own digital security: Watch Out!

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