European migration policy

The European Union pursues a policy of closure, focusing on border security with the support of its agency Frontex. The lack of safe and legal routes into the EU push people to take more dangerous routes and to put their lives in the hands of unscrupulous smugglers.
The EU seeks to put more and more responsibility for controlling migration on countries of departure and transit to the south of the Mediterranean, including North African countries, where grave violations of the rights of migrant persons continue.
In the face of the crisis of European migration policy, FIDH advocates for:
 The creation of safe and legal routes into Europe (granting visas, increasing resettlement, facilitating family reunification, abolishing airport transit visas...);
 The repeal of the Dublin regulation and guaranteeing the right of migrant persons to make a request for asylum in the country of their choice;
 Ending all cooperation in the area of migration with states of origin and transit which do not respect the human rights of migrant persons.