Syria, in search of justice

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On the 7th anniversary of an uprising that rapidly degenerated into devastating war in Syria, FIDH and SCM launch a web-page, Syria, in search of justice, in solidarity with Syrian victims, to stress the importance of justice in reaching durable peace and to present our work to fight impunity for crimes committed during the conflict.

Since the start of the uprising that broke out in Syria in March 2011, more than 400 000 civilians have been killed. Use of prohibited weapons, including chemical weapons, enforced disappearances and torture of detainees, summary executions, sieges on towns and cities, forced displacements of the population…it continues, despite abundant evidence and images that have shocked the world.

Crimes committed – whether by the regime and its allies (notably, Russia), the Syrian opposition, the so-called Islamic State (IS) or the international coalition set up to defeat IS – remain unpunished.

Faced with the impossibility of obtaining real justice in Syria and the political impasse that blocks access to the International Criminal Court, as things stand the only hope for Syrians in search of justice and redress are prosecutions before national justice systems in third countries.

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