WEBINAR: Towards Effective EU Mandatory Human Rights & Environmental Due Diligence

Press release

On Monday 8 June 2020, FIDH, Oxfam, ECCJ, CorA, and Brot für die Welt organised a online event featuring many high-level panellists and contributors from European and international institutions, governments of EU member-states, businesses, as well as civil society organisations. It was attended by over 600 participant representing from across Europe and around the world.

The discussion followed the recent proposal by European Commissioner Didier Reynders to introduce new mandatory human rights & environmental due diligence legislation in the European Union. The proposal was welcomed during the event by a broad range of actors, including member states, MEPs, businesses and investors. Speakers addressed what they considered to be essential facets of such legislation, in order to mainstream responsible business conduct and protect the environment, rights of workers and communities.
Many speakers argued in favor of elements aligned with FIDH and other civil society organisations’ propositions, which include:

 Civil and criminal liability
 Access to Remedy
 Reversal of the burden of proof
 A broad scope on all human rights and sectors
 A reach to all tiers of the supply chain
 Enforcement mechanisms

Watch the video of the full event:

List of keynote speakers

Mr. Didier Reynders, European Commissioner for Justice

Mr. Björn Böhning,State Secretary, German Ministry of Labou r and Social Affairs

Ms. Lara Wolters, Member of the European Parliament, Member of the Legal Affairs Committee for the S&D Group and Rapporteur for the Corporate Due Diligence and Corporate Accountability Report

Mr. Godwin Ojo, Director, Friends of the Earth Nigeria

Ms. Susanne Stormer, Chief Sustainability Adviser, VP, Novo Nordisk

Ms. Sandra Cossart, Director, Sherpa

List of contributors

Heidi Hautala, Vice-President of the European Parliament, The Greens/EFA

Johanna Sumuvuori, State Secretary, Government of Finland

Adela Diaz, Director of the Human Rights Office, Government of Spain

Frederic Nyström, Head of Responsible Investment, Ohman Group and member of The Investor Alliance for Human Rights

Heike Drillish, Coordinator of the Cora Network for Corporate Accountability

Timothy Gore, Head of Policy Food Justice, Oxfam

Professor Dirk-Jan Koch- Chief Science Office, Project leader of RBS initiative, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Netherlands

Professor Anita Ramasastry, Member of the UN working group on Business and Human rights

Manon Aubry, Member of Parliament European Parliament, GUE/NGL

Francesco Tramontin, Director of Global Public Affairs, Mondelez

Isabelle Schömann, Confederal Secretary, European Trade Union Confederation

Pedro Almeida, Senior officer, DG justice Policy, Ministry of Justice, Portugal

Odile Roussel, Special Representative for CSR, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Government of France

Ales Kranjc Kuslan, Director, Ekvilib institute and board member SLOGA

Isabelle Buscke, Head of Brussels Office, Federation of German Consumer Organisations

Lis Cunha, Policy officer, Action aid

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