Socially Responsible Investment

FIDH is active in the area of Socially Responsible investment through its own ethical fund, Libertés & Solidarité. Libertés & solidarité is both an ethical and philanthropic Fund. Ethical, because the bonds (75%) as much as the shares (25%) are selected on the basis of the States’ and corporations respect for human rights. Philanthropic, because 50% of the revenues generated by the fund return as a donation to FIDH. These revenues enable FIDH to conduct its actions to protect and promote human rights.

The criteria of the FIDH focus on human rights. For bonds, FIDH criteria rest on the evaluation of the country’s human rights policy, and conduct an analysis every 2 year. For shares, the criteria are based on the integration, by the corporations of a given industry of international norms of human rights in their politicies and activities.

Libertés & Solidarité has been labeled by Finansol and Novethic.