Draft for comment: A legislative agenda for corporate obligations on human rights abuses and environmental damage in Latin America

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FIDH and its Latin American members have opened a call for comments on a new brief covering perspectives on national legislations that could provide opportunities for corporate accountability in the region.

12 October 2023. FIDH and its Latin American members Justica Global, Movimento Nacional de Dereitos Humanos, Observatorio Ciudadano, and Perú Equidad participated in the Preliminary Civil Society Forum and in the UN Regional Forum on Business and Human Rights, held in Santiago (Chile) from 10 to 12 October 2023.

In this context, the organisations presented the preliminary version of a brief that aims to outline the key areas of legal reform needed to establish an effective regime of corporate liability for human rights abuses and environmental damage in the domestic legal systems of Latin American countries. While it makes greater reference to the particular experiences of Chile, Peru and Brazil, it is of relevance to the region as a whole.

The brief does not seek to present exhaustive or complete proposals. On the contrary, it seeks to provide initial, open and perfectible elements to trigger reflection and dialogue and to contribute to the collective process of elaborating effective corporate legal liability laws and regimes for Latin America.

A first draft of the brief is now available here (in Spanish). It will be open for comments from civil society organisations and experts until 15 November 2023. Inputs should be sent by email to mondialisation@fidh.org.

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