HRC44 Joint statement for the Enhanced interactive dialogue on the oral reports of the Government of the Sudan and OHCHR under Item 10

Press release

UN Human Rights Council – 45th session

Item 10 - Enhanced interactive dialogue on the oral reports of the Government of the Sudan and OHCHR

16 July 2020

Madame President,

FIDH [International Federation for Human Rights], ACJPS [African Center for Justice and Peace Studies] and SHRM [Sudan Human Rights Monitor] welcome the progress in the establishment of the OHCHR country office in Sudan, and call on the international community to continue to provide support to the transitional authorities. However, considering the challenges of the transitional process, we call on the HRC [Human Rights Council] to maintain a form of monitoring and reporting on Sudan until the demands [of the protesters] for “freedom, peace and justice” are fully met.

We welcome the latest announcements from the authorities [1] , including on apostasy law, flogging, and cooperation with ICC. We urge for the prompt set up of the [long-awaited] Legislative Council to enable public debate of future laws.

On the question of accountability, we urge the authorities to pick up the pace on the investigations on the 3rd June [2019] massacre, and to lift the immunities perpetrators may benefit from. A system of protection for victims should also be ensured in these proceedings.

We are also concerned that attacks against civilians, IDPs and refugees continue in Darfur and other conflict areas.

We repeat our call for a meaningful reform of the security sector [with the full participation of political actors and civil society, under the monitoring of and the assistance by the concerned regional and international bodies] - which should, among other things, clarify the RSF [Rapid Support Forces] official status [, and fully integrate them into the Sudanese Armed Forces (SAF)].

Finally, as deeply entrentched gender inequalities remain in Sudan, we urge the transitional authorities to make a priority of women’s rights [– including access to quality education], and meaningful participation in decision-making processes. In this regard, we regret that so far no woman has been selected for the position of State governor.

I thank you.

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