Action on Countries: a Litmus Test for the Human Rights Council

Today the International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH) launches its Position Paper at the occasion of the 5th session of UN Human Rights Council. The present paper highlights the priorities of the FIDH on which the Council should act, which includes serious violations in several countries worldwide.

This Council session will be the opportunity to engage in thorough debates with seven country procedures. The reports of these independant experts are important, as their mandates were established following grave and massive human rights violations that deserve a strong and prompt reaction of the Council.

The FIDH documents the human rights situations of several countries (Sudan, Belarus, China, Russia, Colombia, Cambodia, Democratic Republic of Congo, Kenya, United States, Occupied Palestinian Territories) where there has been a significant degradation. Arbitrary execution, torture, sexual violence, disappearances, forced evictions, undernourishment, toxic wastes, lack of freedom of movement, lack of independence of judiciary, and internatlly displaced persons are among the main themes in these country situations.

Under cover of a fight against the « politicisation » of the Human Rights Council, all country specific procedures are targetted. During the reform of the Council, several hardline States would like to see the end of all country procedures to avoid any finger-pointing in their direction.

« As for Sudan, the FIDH expects a more forceful voice concerning Darfur, and expects the Government of Sudan to fully cooperate with the Group of Experts established following the 4th session of the Human Rights Council, which includes implementation of all existing UN decisions on human rights in Darfur», said Ms Simia Ahmadi, Representative of the FIDH to the UN in Geneva.

For further information, please contact Simia Ahmadi, Representative of the FIDH to the United Nations : + 41 22 700 1288 or + 41 78 718 1646

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