Myanmar: European Parliament calls for immediate halt to violence against Rohingya

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The European Parliament (EP) resolution of 14 December strongly condemns the ongoing violence, killings, harassment and rape of Rohingya and the destruction of their homes.

Following FIDH’s recommendations provided by regular briefings, the EP resolution urgently calls upon the EU and its Member States to adopt targeted punitive sanctions against individuals responsible for perpetrating these abuses. FIDH’s call for action through an oral statement to the UN Security Council and joint appeal of 69 organisations to act on the Rohingya crisis is echoed by the EP which demands decisive measures from the UN, including a referral to the International Criminal Court if necessary and to impose a global comprehensive arms embargo.

The resolution calls on Sakharov Prize laureate Aung San Suu Kyi to condemn unequivocally all violence and discrimination against the Rohingya, threatening to revoke her award, and calls upon Myanmar to put an immediate end to these grievous violations and prosecute those responsible.

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