Resolutions proposed by FIDH and Social Society to the 36th Session of the ACHPR

Countries and thematics resolutions and recommandations proposed to the ACHPR on FIDH and african social society’ preocupations

Resolutions and recommandations adopted by the NGO Forum in Dakar on 2004 november 20,21 et 22:

- Situation in Côte d’Ivoire (French version)
- Situation in Darfur (English version)
- Situation in Zimbabwe (English version)
- African Court on Human and Peoples Rights (English version)
- International Criminal Court (ICC- english version)
- Women Human Rights Defenders in Africa (English and French)
- Women Rights (English version) / recommandations
- Torture (French version)
- Death Penalty (French version)
- Indigenous Peoples (French version)
- International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights in Armed Conflicts (French version)

Other resolutions presented to the 36th Session of the ACHPR:

- Anti-terrorism measures and Human Rights (French version)

Documents attached on the french version (please click on french version)

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