Guinea Conakry: a captain in the anti-crime brigade charged with acts of torture

Monday, 30 January 2017, a captain in the Conakry anti-crime brigade was charged and held in temporary detention subsequent to a complaint filed by OGDH and MDT with the support of FIDH and its member organisations, on 19 May 2016, for having tortured Mr. S This arrest was the first successful outcome of the case and shows that the fight against impunity is progressing in Guinea.

Mr. S, a young man arbitrarily arrested on 4 March 2016 by members of the national police’s anti-crime brigade, was tortured in the offices of the brigade and then, three days later, transferred to the Maison Centrale (prison) in Conakry where he is still being held in “temporary detention”. The violent acts that were committed with the assistance of at least 11 other agents, (also mentioned in the complaint), most of whom have fled from Conakry. All the persons responsible must be located rapidly and account for their acts before the courts.

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