Colombia, DAS case: Maria del Pilar Hurtado is finally convicted.

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On 28 February, the Colombian Supreme Court of Justice decided to convict María del Pilar Hurtado, ex-Director of the DAS Columbia, on charges of ideological falsehood in a public document, conspiracy to commit a crime, embezzlement, illegal violation of communications and abuse of public office. The Court confirmed Hurtado’s responsibility for all five crimes of which she was accused.

For the past years, FIDH and its member organisation in Colombia, CAJAR, have documented the illegal activities of DAS, as well as carrying out various missions in Panama to demand the detention and extradition of the ex-Director of the DAS and are part of various judicial proceedings relating to these facts. FIDH now hails the decision of the Court in convicting the ex-Director of the DAS and the ex-Secretary of the Presidency, Bernardo Moreno.

The duration of the sentences and sanctions will be made known in a hearing which will take place towards the end of March.

FIDH remains vigilant about investigating and sanctioning those who promote these facts, from the highest levels of government, so that they respect the fundaments of democracy and the Rule of Law, as well as making vital reparations to the victims.

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