Bloodiest day since the the beginning of the protests

Press release

FIDH strongly condemns the escalating violent repression orchestrated today, Friday, March 18 by the Yemeni authorities against peaceful demonstrators, which have resulted in the deaths of 28 persons including a 5 year old child and the injuries of 300 people and the death toll will most likely increase to 40 casualties.

The ongoing repression started today in Tahrir Square in Sanaa just after Friday prayers where the demonstrators were suddenly attacked by police and security forces from the the roof of houses and public institutions. According to the information received, the security forces used live bullets to disperse the demonstrators.

According to different sources, the injured were denied access to care in the governmental hospital of Sanaa.

After these incidents, the president Ali Abdallah Salah declared a nationwide state of emergency.

FIDH condemns the use of live bullets and urges the authorities to abstain from using disproportionate force against peaceful protesters and calls on the international community to urgently mobilise in order to pressure the Yemeni authorities to put an end to the violence and to ensure that those responsible for the bloodshed are brought to justice.

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