Revolution in Tunisia

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1 July, 2011

 Press release: Freedom of expression in danger (article in French)

29 June, 2011

 Urgent Appeal: The granting of a frequency allocation to Radio Kalima would show a positive sign toward freedom of expression from the transitional authorities (article in French)

22 June, 2011

 Press release: The Tunisian justice system must be irreproachable (article in French)

16 May, 2011

 Urgent appeal: Breaking and entering at the home of Mr. Khemais Ksila (article in French)

10 May, 2011

 Press Release: Renewed outbreak of police violence

15 April, 2011

 Urgent Appeal: Harassement against a cyber-activist (article in French)

13 April, 2011

 Press Release: Parity on electoral lists: Tunisia leads the way (article in French)

12 April, 2011

 Interview of Sophie Bessis : Parity on electoral lists (interview in French)

7 April, 2011

 Interview of Hafidha Chekir, member of the Haute Instance de sauvegarde de la révolution, de la réforme politique et de la transition démocratique : "Le scrutin proportionnelle aiderait les jeunes et les femmes à être représentés en Tunisie" (interview in French)

1 April, 2011

 Op-Ed by Sophie Bessis, FIDH deputy Secretary General : Fighting against hatred wherever it comes from (article in French)

21 March, 2011

 Press Release: Civil Society is a major player in the democratic transition in Tunisia

16 March, 2011

 Seminar in Tunis on Democratic Transition in Tunisia (article in French)

8 March, 2011

 Special Dossier - International Women’s Day: Revolutions in the Arab World : what is at stake for women’s rights?

3 March, 2011

 Press Release: Tunisia: major security risks

21 February, 2011

 Press Release by the Ligue Tunisienne pour la défense des droits de l’Homme: Assassination of Father Marius Mark Rybinski ->] (article in French)

11 February, 2011

 FIDH missions in Tunisia (article in French)

2 February, 2011

 Press Release: Tunisia on the way towards abolishing the death penalty

27 January, 2011

 Tunisia: Call for solidarity

 Press Release: FIDH is closely monitoring the democratic transition in Tunisia

20 January, 2011

 Urgent appeal: Political prisoners Fahem Boukaddous and Hassan Ben Abdallah released (article in French)

18 January, 2011

 Press Release: Together with the Tunisian people for a democratic and pluralist translation

 Where next for Tunisia? Souhayr Belhassen for

14 January, 2011

 Press Release: Despite President Ben Ali’s promises, the political opponent Hamma Hammami still being held incommunicado (article in French)

13 January, 2011

 Urgent Appeal: Renewed upsurge of acts of intimidation and arrests of lawyers working against the repression of the demonstrations against social injustice

 Joint press release: Denouncement of the violent repression of the social justice movement in Tunisia; international Human Rights organisations call for a strong reaction by the international community

12 January, 2011

 Report: Instrumentalisation of Justice in Tunisia (article and report in French)

 Press Release: For an international fact-finding commission

5 January, 2011

 Press Release: Death of Mohamed Bouazizi (article in French)

30 December, 2010

 Press Release: Death of a protester injured in a Menzel Bouzaiene demonstration (article in French)

29 December, 2010

 Urgent Appeal: Release of lawyers and further arrests ->] (article in French)

28 December, 2010

 Urgent Appeal: Kidnappings and mistreatment of human rights defenders (article in French)

 Press Release: Worsening of situation in Tunisia following the even in Sidi Bouzid (article in French)

22 December, 2010

 Press Release: Riots in the Sidi Bouzid region after a young man commits suicide

Looking back:

4 November, 2010

 FIDH and LDH Report: Conviction of Khaled Ben Saïd: A victory against impunity in Tunisia

22 October, 2010

 Press Release: 100 days... the mining basin case is not over

8 July, 2010

 Appeal to the President of the Republic of Tunisia to repeal the amendment to Article 61bis of the Criminal Code

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