FIDH changes the location of its 38th congress

Press release
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FIDH expresses its sincere thanks to its Tunisian members for the invitation made in March 2011 to hold the 38th FIDH congress in Tunisia and also to the highest Tunisian authorities for their welcome and assurances relating to the plans to organise this congress in Tunisia.

However, taking into consideration also the instability of the increasingly protracted transitional period and the fact that pre-electoral challenges are already making their mark in public debate and public life, and taking into consideration the growing insecurity over the recent period and the increasing number of violent events, violations of human rights and attacks against their defenders, there is a significant risk, in these conditions, of not being able to bring together all of the members of the FIDH.

So, it is with regret that the International Bureau of the FIDH, which met on 30 November and 1-2 December 2012, decided to change the venue of its 38th congress, while at the same time wishing to express its solidarity with its Tunisian members in their courageous fight for universal human rights and for the right to dignity, equality and freedom, watchwords of the Tunisian revolution which must be translated into action to build a free, democratic Tunisia.

FIDH shall continue to act, together with its members, for respect for and the realization of universal human rights in Tunisia and to this end intends to enter into a constructive dialogue with Tunisia’s highest authorities.

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