TUNISIA: release of Azyz Amemi and Sabri Ben Mlouka

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Friday 23 May 2014, Azyz Amemi, a young Tunisian blogger known for defending freedom of speech, was set free by the Court of First Instance of Tunis for a procedural error. He was arrested on 12 May 2014 together with the photographer Sabri Ben Mlouka for being in “possession of drugs with intention of taking them”. The police apparently beat him during the arrest.

FIDH contacted its member leagues and young Tunisian activists to obtain the immediate release of Azyz Amemi and Sabri Ben Mlouka. FIDH called upon the legal authorities of Tunisia to drop all charges against them, unconditionally and repeated its appeal to the Tunisian authorities to put an end to judicial and police harassment against the people who participated in the spring revolution.

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