Forgotten occupation : Life in the Syrian Golan after 50 years of Israeli Occupation

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Syria, 4 April 2018 - Al-Marsad, FIDH member organisation in the occupied Syrian Golan, has published a book on the forgotten occupation of the Syrian Golan, telling the story of the native Syrian population who continue to suffer after fifty years of occupation by Israel. In Forgotten Occupation: Life in the Syrian Golan after 50 Years of Israeli Occupation’ , Al-Marsad gives a voice to the voiceless, with Syrians explaining in their own words how the occupation has affected their lives.

Syrians in the occupied Syrian Golan have now been separated for more than half a century from friends and family in the rest of Syria. The book describes how Syrians have witnessed the forcible transfer and displacement of friends and family; the destruction of homes; the appropriation of land and the arrival of a foreign occupier. It shows how Syrians have been treated as second-class citizens in their own country, and how they have fought to maintain their dignity and sense of identity, despite fifty years of oppression.

The book is divided into nine chapters, which describe different aspects of life under occupation, such as family separation, housing restrictions and the dangers of landmines. Every chapter consists of an interview with a Syrian, explaining how they have been affected by that particular issue, as well as a legal analysis by an international expert.

We wish to thank those who have shared their stories – often at great personal cost – with Al-Marsad. This book is dedicated to them, and to all our friends and families here, in the rest of Syria and beyond, who are struggling during this difficult time.

Al-Marsad is an independent, not-for-profit, legal human rights organisation – it is the only human rights organisation operating in the occupied Syrian Golan. For additional information, please contact or

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