Unite for Syria Stop one year of bloodshed


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Unite for Syria
Stop one year of bloodshed
March 19, 2012
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FIDH, together with civil society organisations across the world, including many member organisations in the MENA region, is mobilizing to mark one year of violent repression in Syria.

Our organisations are calling on Russia to back any and all UN Security Council action to end the crisis.

A clear message was addressed to the international community :

Forty celebrities, including Umberto Eco, Robert Badinter and Stéphane Hessel, urged in   an open letter the United Nations Security Council to revoke Assad’s license to kill.

For over a year, the number of deaths in Syria has continued to grow and has reached an intolerable level: 9000 victims, of which hundreds are children. Isn’t it time for the world to unite around concrete measures in order to stop the bloodshed ?


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SyrianStories.org > Syrian uprising stories told in video

To mark the one year anniversary of the beginning of violent repression in Syria, FIDH, Telecomix and uprisingstories.org launched yesterday Syrianstories.org. Available in Arabic, English and French, this platform creates an opportunity to gather testimonies of the violent repression of peaceful demonstrations that were collected and broadcast on Internet.

SyrianStories.org honours those anonymous citizens who have been taking huge risks to give witness to the violence that is devastating their country.


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