Syrian testimonies

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In July 2012, the UN estimated that over 120,000 people have left Syria since the beginning of the Syrian uprising. These persons have sought refuge mainly in neighbouring countries such as Turkey, Lebanon, Iraq and Jordan. Among the civilians fleeing the conflict are dozens of human rights defenders and peaceful political activists, whose lives were directly threatened by the regime as a consequence of their legitimate activities in monitoring, communicating and denouncing the most serious human rights violations. We met with four such persons in Paris. They told us about their personal experiences and explained to us why they left Syria.

Khaled Al-Khani, activist from Hama, left Syria in 2011. His father was killed during the Hama massacre in the 80’s.

Maha Assabalani, activist in Damascus, left Syria in 2012. She was working for the Syrian Centre for Media and Freedom of Expression in Damascus.

Nouredine (fake name), IT activist from Homs, left Syria in 2011. He is currently taking a Phd in IT in Europe. He participated in the first demonstrations in Homs.

Omar Al-Asaad, journalist from Damascus, left Syria in 2012. He wrote for several newspapers, including Al-Hayat and Aljazeera. He was arrested twice.

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