Bloody Repression in Libya

29 July, 2011

- FIDH urges the ICC to continue investigations into grave crimes against Sub-Saharan African migrants

28 June, 2011

- Report: Exiles from Libya flee to Egypt : Double tragedy for Sub-Saharan Africans

- Gaddafi must be arrested to face ICC accusations

24 May, 2011

- FIDH Questions and Answers on Libya and the International Criminal Court

19 May, 2011

- Press release: Return of an FIDH mission at the boarder between Egypt and Libya (in French)

16 May, 2011

- Press Release: FIDH welcomes request for arrest warrants for Muammar Gadhafi, Saif Gadhafi and Abdulah Al-Sanousi

4 May, 2011

- Press Release: Security Council members must pledge to implement arrest warrants

15 April, 2011

- Press Release: The African Court on Human and Peoples’ Rights seized of a case against Libya

29 March, 2011

- Press Release: FIDH calls for an investigation into rape allegations and release of complainant

18 March, 2011

- Press Release: Security Council Resolution 1973: FIDH welcomes this resolution which protects civilians in Libya

10 March, 2011

- Press Release: Colonel Qaddhafi forces enrollment of African migrants in his army

8 March, 2011

- Special Dossier - International Women’s Day: Revolutions in the Arab World : what is at stake for women’s rights?

1 March, 2011

- Press Release the the LLHR: The Libyan League for Human Rights (LLHR) addresses the Human Rights Council

27 February, 2011

- Press Release: The situation in Libya referred to the ICC: Gaddafi could be tried for crimes against humanity, crimes must stop immediately

25 February, 2011

- Press Release:NGOs call on EU urgent action to stop violence in Libya

24 February, 2011

- Press Release: Strategy of scorched earth, desire for widespread and systematic elimination

24 February, 2011

Ali Zeidan talks about the situation in Libya (in arabic)
envoyé par fidhdailymotion. - L’actualité du moment en vidéo.

23 February, 2011

- Silence is Not an Option! Petition for immediate action by the United Nations Human Rights Council

22 February, 2011

- Interview of Patrick Baudouin, Honorary President of FIDH on France Info: "What is happening in Libya qualifies as a crime against humanity (interview in French)

21 February, 2011

- Press Release: Massacres in Libya: The African Commission has the obligation to seize the African Court on Human and People’s rights (article in French)

- Press Release: Massacres in Libya: The international community must respond urgently

18 February, 2011

- Press Release: Libya - Towards a bloody revolution

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