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Israeli assault on the aid flotilla: the challenge of truth, the absurdity of the blockade

The assault by Israeli forces of an international aid convoy bringing humanitarian supplies into the Gaza Strip has provoked unprecedented indignation of the international community. Both the seriousness of these events and the extent of the outrage they provoked stress the urgent need for an independent, effective and impartial investigation.

The request for an investigation in full compliance with international standards is unanimous among member organisations of FIDH in Israel - ACRI, Adalah, B’Tselem, PCATI and in the Palestinian Territories, Al Haq and PCHR. Some of these organisations, in light of past experience, fear that an investigation being conducted at a national level will not meet the necessary conditions for establishing the truth, therefore, they request that, as of now, the investigation be conducted at an international level.

FIDH strongly conveys its member organisations’ request for truth. The challenge of truth must be addressed, not only in order for victims’ rights to be recognised, to determine responsibilities, to punish those responsible and to prevent the recurrence of such acts; but also because it is a mandatory requirement in order to respond to a justified global outrage.

These tragic events are the consequence of the blockade of the Gaza Strip from receiving humanitarian goods, water, food, and medicines, despite the request of the international community in the UN Security Council Resolution 1860. The international community has the urgent and imperative responsibility to obtain the lifting of the blockade, and the implementation of its decisions on the situation in the Occupied Palestinian Territories.

 ACRI Admonishes Flotilla Takeover and Outcome, Calls for Investigation:
 ACRI Calls on Israel to Enable Protests, following Flotilla Crisis:

Adalah in Israel:
 PRESS RELEASE, 31 May 2010 Adalah, PCATI and PHR-I Submit an Extraordinary Petition for Habeas Corpus and Demand for Information on Gaza Freedom Flotilla Passengers to the Israeli Supreme Court:
 PRESS RELEASE, 1 June 2010 Adalah to Represent Arab Political Leaders and Free Gaza Movement Activist Arrested from the Gaza Freedom Flotilla at Detention Hearings Today: - ADALAH STATEMENT, 31 May 2010 International Investigation must be Launched into Israeli Navy’s Attack on the Civilian Passengers of the Gaza Freedom Flotilla, Resulting in Killings and Injuries Adalah: The Israeli military attack amounts to a war crime under international humanitarian law as it targeted civilians and civilian targets, and involved the use of disproportionate force.:
 PRESS RELEASE, 1 June 2010 Adalah to Represent Arab Political Leaders and Free Gaza Movement Activist Arrested from the Gaza Freedom Flotilla at Detention Hearings Today:

 31 May ’10: Open an immediate investigation into the action to gain control of the flotilla to Gaza:

Al Haq:
 Palestinian Human Rights Council condemns Israel’s unlawful and violent attack on international humanitarian aid flotilla: - Al-Haq Condemns Recent Attacks on Civil Society Organizations in the Gaza Strip: Wed, May 26, 2010

 PCHR Condemns Israeli Attack on Gaza Freedom Flotilla - Monday, 31 May 2010 08:15:

Resolution 1860 of the United Nations Security Council adopted on the occasion of the operation Cast Lead:

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