Revolution in Egypt

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12 March, 2012

 Impunity in Egypt Continues As “Virginity Test” Doctor Acquitted

13 February, 2012

 About the crackdown on civil society

9 February, 2012

 Egypt’s Revolutionary road, one year on: still awaiting respect for human rights and democratic reforms

6 February, 2012

 Bloggers Alaa Abdel-Fatah and Maikel Nabil finally released, but freedom of expression of human rights activists still at risk!

29 December, 2011

 Egypt : attack on human rights organizations and civil society

29 December, 2011

 Urgent Appeal: Egypt National and International Human Rights Organizations are Under Attack

15 December, 2011

 Egypt: Alarming Reports of Kidnapping, Death Threats, and Assault of Activists and Protesters

29 November, 2011

 Detention of blogger Alaa Abd El-Fattah extended

25 November, 2011

 Elections in Egypt: real concerns for public safety and election fairness

21 November, 2011

 Egyptian Police disproportionate use of force: Deja Vu of January 28th ?

3 Novembre, 2011

 Blogger detained by the military for denouncing the repression of the Maspero demonstration

3 November, 2011

 EGYPT: Blogger detained by the military for denouncing the repression of the Maspero demonstration

12 October, 2011

 The Egyptian Army crushing protesters: FIDH is calling for an independent commission of inquiry!

18 July, 2011

 Press release: FIDH Mission in Cairo Discussing its Report "The Price of Hope: Human Rights Violations during the Egyptian Revolution"

17 May, 2011

 Report/Egypt - The Price of Hope : Human Rights Abuses During the Egyptian Revolution

8 March, 2011

 Special Dossier - International Women’s Day: Revolutions in the Arab World : what is at stake for women’s rights?

25 Feburary 2011

Bahey Eldin Hassan, Dir of Cairo Institute for Human Rights
envoyé par fidhdailymotion. - Regardez les dernières vidéos d’actu.

17 February, 2011

 Hafez Abu Saeda, member of FIDH’s International Board, demands that the Prime Minister order the immediate release of the detainees and the disappeared and demands that the punitive institution in Egypt be reformed

16 February, 2011

 The Egyptian Organisation for Human Rights documents violations in three regions in Egypt (article in Arabic)

14 February, 2011

 Long live the Egyptian popular revolution The dictator has fallen; now it’s time to bring down the police state

 The Egyptian Organization for Human Rights submits urgent requests to the Supreme Council of Armed Forces

11 February, 2011

 Resignation of Hosni Moubarak: the authorities must guarantee
a peaceful transition towards democracy

 The Fact Finding Egyptian Committee for Fighting Corruption

10 february, 2011

 Egypt: After 15 days of pro-democratic revolution

09 February, 2011

 The Egyptian Committee for Fact-Finding and Countering Corruption proposes fundamental constitutional amendments (article in Arabic)

08 February, 2011

 The Egyptian Organization for Human Rights (FIDH member organization) Files a Report for the General Prosecutor against Habib Al-Adly

 Washington Post Article: What Mubarak must do before he resigns

 Death toll

07 February, 2011

 Press Release: Release of human rights defenders but serious concerns about their safety

04 February, 2011

 Press Release: 24 hours later no information on human rights defenders who were arrested - The international community must react urgently and strongly

03 February, 2011

 Urgent Appeal: Human rights defenders under siege - Urgent call to stop repression and to guarantee their protection

 PHOTOS: Protest movement in Cairo

Hafez Abu Seada, president of the Egyptian Organization for Human Rights "The Egyptian People want a democratic state respecting human rights"

To listen to the interview, click here

02 February, 2011

 Press Release: Egypt : Bloody Wednesday on Tahrir Square

29 January, 2011

 Press Release: EGYPT : authorities bare responsibility for unrest and killings

28 January, 2011

 Press Release: FIDH extremely concerned by the escalation of violence in Egypt

27 January, 2011

 Press Release: Suspension of telephone communication imposed on several human rights groups

26 January, 2011

 Press Release: Egypt/ Algeria: Unprecedented social and democratic protests : Arbitrary repression

6 January 2011

 Press Release: FIDH and its member organizations condemn the terrorist attack in Alexandria and call upon the Egyptian authorities to respect human rights in fighting against terrorism

9 December, 2010

 Press Release: Parliamentary elections: Egyptian comedy against the background of abuses and human rights violations

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