Egypt: European Parliament resolution highlights worsening situation for rights

The EP resolution, adopted on 15 January 2015, thus reflects FIDH’s grave concerns and calls for the immediate and unconditional release of all prisoners of conscience, human rights defenders and those detained for their alleged membership of the Muslim Brotherhood. It further calls on Egypt to ratify the Rome Statute and to become a member of the ICC and for an EU-wide ban on the export of surveillance technologies which could be used as a means of repression.

The resolution reiterates a number of FIDH recommendations concerning the spiralling degradation of fundamental rights in Egypt. FIDH also mobilized and advocated regarding the cases of human rights defenders, namely Alaa Abdul Fattah and women’s rights defenders Yara Sallam and Sana Seif, through its Observatory and the LGBT community criminalised by the ‘debauchery law’.

Needless to say, Egypt’s Foreign Ministry denies what it claims are spurious allegations in a rebuttal of the resolution. FIDH remains vigilant and has published the following paper: 4th revolution anniversary marks alarming decline of Egypt’s human rights

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