Egypt: Authorities Refuse to Accept Bleak Human rights Record

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During its Universal Periodic Review (UPR) examination at the UN Human Rights Council on November 5th, Egypt denied reports of massive human rights violations claiming that they were based on “misconceptions”. We deeply regret that the Egyptian authorities have missed yet another opportunity to address its worsening human rights record, and continued to discredit reliable information submitted by independent sources.

"The authorities’ dismissal of reports of human rights violations sends the message to the international community that Egypt has no political will to put an end them, to conduct impartial and independent investigations, and to provide victims with redress”, declared Karim Lahidji, FIDH President.

The Egyptian delegation defended its human rights record citing its 2014 Constitution as a “true victory for human rights and freedoms”.

"The provisions of the new Constitution which the Egyptian delegation has repetitively cited remains but ink on paper. The authorities have systematically violated constitutional provisions such as freedoms of expression, association and assembly” , added Lahidji.

Seven Egyptian independent human rights organizations, including some of FIDH’s leagues and partners, had announced that they would not participate in the UPR out of fear for reprisals upon their return to Egypt. These organizations face an imminent threat of shutdown and prosecution as the government deadline of November 10th looms in.

For more information on the human rights situation in Egypt, read FIDH’s brief here.

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