Lists of people killed and arrested in Bahrain since January 14th 2011

Press release

The Bahrain Center for Human Rights (BCHR) published, on March 30th, two lists of people who were killed and arrested since January 14th, in Bahrain.

List of people killed (last update: April 4th):

Name Age Area or country of origin Date of death
Hassan Jassim Mohammed Makki 39 April 3rd
Sayed-Ahmad Sa’eed Shams 15 Saar 30 March
Isa Mohammed 71 Ma’ameer 25th March
Aziz Jumma Ayyad 33 Al-Hajar / Hamad Town 24th March
Hani Abdul-Aziz Abdullah Jumah Khamis 24th March
Bahia Abdelrasoul Al-Aradi (Ms) 51 Manama 20th March
Jawad Mohammed Ali Shamlan 48 Al-Hajar 20th March
Abdul-Rasoul Hassan al-Hujairi 38 Bouri 20th March
Aklas Miah 50 Bangladish
Isa Radhi al-Radhi 47 Sitra 19th March
Fareed Mugbel 31 Bangladish 19th March
Ali Ahmad Rashid Al-Mraisi 30 Rafa’ 17th March
Mohammed Faruq Abd al-Samad al-Balooshi Pakistani March 16
Kashef Munther 21 March 16
Ahmed Abdulla Hassan 22 Daih/Hammad Town 16th March
Jaffer Mohammed abd-Ali 41 Karraneh 16th March
Jaffer Abdulla Ma’yuf 30 Aali 16th March
Steven Ebraham 48 India
Ahmed Abdulla Farhan 30 Sitra 15th March
Ali al-Demestani 13th March
Abdul-Redha Mohammed Buhmeid 32 AlMalkiya 21th February
Ali Mansoor Khudhair 53 Sitra 17th February
Mahmood Ahmed Makki (Abu-Takki) 23 Sitra 17th February
Ali Ahmed Abdulla al-Moumen 23 Sitra 17th February
Isa Abdul-Hassan 60 Karzakkan 17th February
Fadhel Salman al-Matrook 31 Mahooze 15th February
Ali Abdulhadi Mushaima 21 Daih 14th February

List of people arrested (last update: March 30th):

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