Bahrain: Silence surrounding repression continues

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In February 2011, following the example of the revolts in Tunisia and in Egypt, a protest movement developed calling for profound political and social reform in Bahrain. In response to these peaceful demonstrations the army fired on protesters and Gulf Cooperation Council troops intervened.

The brutal repression resulted in the death of several dozen people, hundreds of wounded and arbitrary arrests.

In recent weeks the protests have become less intensive but repression has been even greater, extending to doctors and medical staff. Human rights defenders who are not arrested or who have not disappeared are victims of regular acts of intimidation.

Massive lay-offs in factories and businesses, censorship and proceedings against journalists are the government’s response to the longings for freedom and social justice.

21 May, 2012

 BAHRAIN: One hundred organisations call to end assault on freedom of speech, and to free all detained human rights defenders and netizens

14 May, 2012

 FIDH’s International Board Demands the Immediate Release of its Deputy Secretary General Nabeel Rajab

7 May, 2012

 Bahrain: Arbitrary arrest and judicial harassment of Mr. Nabeel Rajab

6 May, 2012

 Bahrain: FIDH Demands the Immediate Release of its deputy secretary general Nabeel Rajab

18 April, 2012

 FIDH mission in Bahrain - Preliminary conclusions

Governmental Declarations on Reform Are Little More than Rhetoric, As Reality Reveals Continued Repression of Basic rights, Deliberate and Collective Forms of Punishment

14 February, 2012

 Bahrain: First anniversary of popular uprisings

While thousands of Bahraini people are expected to meet on 14 February 2012 to mark the first anniversary of the start of pro-democracy protests, the International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH) is publishing a position paper on the situation of human rights since the release of the Bahrain Independent Commission of Inquiry (BICI) report on 23 November 2011.

5 December, 2011

 Interview with Nabeel Rajab human rights activist from Bahrain

28 September, 2011

 National Safety Appeal Court confirms sentences against 21 political leaders and human rights activists. Judiciary in Bahrain misses opportunity to regain credibility! FIDH calls for their immediate release due to the arbitrary nature of the charges and of the entire proceedings.

7 September, 2011

 Bahrain : Fears that National Safety Appeal Court proceedings violate international human rights standards

9 August, 2011

 Release on bail and ongoing judicial harassment faced by Mr. Mohamed Issa Al Tajer - BHR 003 / 0411 / OBS 065.2

12 July, 2011

 Open letter to the King of Bahrain

3 July, 2011

 FIDH, EOHR and CIHRS are deeply concerned by the reports of torture and ill-treatment of those arrested and detained

1 July, 2011

 Urgent appeal: Continuing detention incommunicado and judicial harassment faced by Mr. Mohamed Issa Al Tajer

30 June, 2011

 Urgent appeal: Slandering campaign against Mr. Nabeel Rajab and Ms. Maryam Al Khawaja

28 June, 2011

 Urgent appeal: Ongoing arbitrary detention and judicial harassment against Mr. Abdulhadi Al Khawaja

22 June, 2011

 Joint Press Release: Heavy sentences for human rights and dissenting activities

3 June, 2011

 Urgent appeal: Summons of Mr. Nabeel Rajab for interrogation

27 May, 2011

 Urgent Appeal: Acts of harassment and intimidation against Messrs. Abdulla Alderazi and Essa Al-Ghayeb

26 May, 2011

 Urgent Appeal: Ongoing incommunicado and arbitrary detention of Mr. Abdulhadi Al Khawaja

23 May, 2011

 Urgent Appeal: Attack against Mr. Nabeel Rajab’s house

13 May, 2011

 Update: Hearing of 21 political opponents and human rights defenders

11 May, 2011

 Press release: FIDH and OMCT call for the immediate end to the repression!

6 May, 2011

 Urgent Appeal: Ongoing incommunicado and arbitrary detention of Mr. Abdulhadi Al Khawaja

5 May, 2011

 Urgent Appeal: Judicial harassment against 47 medical staff and incommunicado detention of Dr. Ahmed Jamal, Dr. Raja Hassa Khadim and Dr. Nidal Khalifa

21 April, 2011

 Urgent Appeal: Ongoing incommunicado and arbitrary detention of Mr. Abdulhadi Al Khawaja

20 April, 2011

 Joint Open Letter: Visit of Catherine Ashton to Bahrain: a test case for the EU’s human rights policy!

19 April, 2011

 Urgent Appeal: Arbitrary detention (article in French)

18 April, 2011

 Urgent Appeal Arrest of Mr. Mohamed Issa Al Tajer and continued arbitrary detention of Mr. Abdulhadi Al Khawaja

14 April, 2011

 Urgent Appeal: Crackdown on the trade union movement

11 April, 2011

 Press release: Grave concern for human rights defenders

 Interview of Nabeel Rajab, President of the Bahrain Center for Human Rights and FIDH Deputy Secretary General on the ongoing crackdown in Bahrain

1 April, 2011

 Press release: Bahrain: risk of blackout on human rights violations

 Lists of people killed and arrested in Bahrain since January 14th, 2011

20 March, 2011

 Press release: FIDH Deputy Secretary General abused by the police

18 March, 2011

 Press release: Call for urgent debate on the human rights situation in Bahrain at the 16th Session on the United Nations Human Rights Council

15 March, 2011

 Press release: State of emergency and foreign military intervention will lead to further crackdown on the opposition

14 March, 2011

 Press release: Protect threatened human rights defenders

7 March, 2011

 Interview with a human rights activist, Bahrain: "I fear a civil war"

2 March, 2011

 Urgent Appeal: Drop of disciplinary charges against 24 lawyers

1 March, 2011

 Urgent Appeal: Release of eleven human rights defenders upon order by the King of Bahrain

18 February, 2011


Interview of Nabeel Rajab, President of the Bahrain Center for Human Rights, Deputy Secretary General of FIDH

Bahrain Center for Human Rights


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