Uzbekistan: UN anti-torture experts rebuke for abysmal record

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A scathing report by the UN condemned Uzbekistan for the widespread, systematic and government-sanctioned use of torture. This follows the review of Uzbekistan by the UN Committee Against Torture (CAT) on 29 October 2013. The report highlights the use of forced sterilisation and sexual violence suffered by prisoners, and specifically points to the case of Mutabar Tadjibaeva, Director of FIDH’s member organization “Fiery Hearts Club”.

FIDH has consistently and actively denounced Uzbekistan’s abysmal human rights record. Prior to the review, FIDH contributed to the publication of a report on "Uzbekistan’s Implementation of the CAT". At the CAT session the Uzbek delegation hotly denied any wrongdoing, reacting with bare-faced lies and making a mockery of Uzbekistan’s international obligations. FIDH welcomes the UN conclusions which strongly reflect its own findings.

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