Ukraine: A step nearer extending the jurisdiction of the ICC to the situation in the Ukraine

On 17 June 2014 some members of the Duma introduced a bill to ratify the Status of the International Criminal Court (ICC). This bill includes extending the deadline for the Ukrainian authorities to agree to the Court having jurisdiction, to enable it to include in its preliminary analysis not only the events in Maidan but also the serious human-rights violations committed in the Crimea, Odessa and the east of the country. The members of the Duma also called on the Minister of Justice to endorse the bill so that it could become law.
At the beginning of June a joint FIDH mission to the Ukraine with its partner organization the Centre for Civil Liberties had met the members, the Minister of Justice, the Vice Principal State Prosecutor and the Ombudsman’s office. They had informed them of the FIDH’s concerns at the lack of effectiveness and transparency of the investigations carried out at a national level and of the need to extend the jurisdiction of the ICC to the situation in the Ukraine to respond to the right of the victims to justice and if necessary prevent crimes.
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