Anti-propaganda law voted in Russia’s Duma ‘in contradiction with the European Convention on Human Rights’ says HR/VP Ashton.

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FIDH welcomes this statement issued on the 20th of June 2013, highlighting the negative impact this law will have on an already increasingly stifled and boxed civil society.

The Observatory for the Protection of Human Rights Defenders, a joint FIDH and OMCT (World Organisation Against Torture) programme had already issued calls on the Federal Council of Russia to reject this discriminatory law. Russian LGBT organisations already face numerous persecutions, most notably under the new ’foreign agent’ law, adopted in 2012, which targets any NGO that receives foreign funding and is engaged in ‘political activities’.
FIDH and its member organisations have consistently denounced the ongoing and persistent muzzling of civil society, directly advocating and testifying before the EU institutions.

FIDH’s position is echoed in the High Representative’s statement who “ believes that this law could stigmatise particular groups and individuals and lead to discriminatory practices and discourse against them, and is therefore in contradiction with the European Convention on Human Rights.

This bill is absolutely shameful and has no place in a country that wishes to call itself a democracy. It violates freedom of expression and freedom of assembly, it also harasses LGBT activists and advocates both in Russia and abroad. ” said Karim Lahidji, FIDH President.

FIDH joins in the call of the High Representative for Russia “ to uphold its national and international commitments to non-discrimination, freedom of expression, freedom of association and assembly, in particular in the framework of the Council of Europe, to protect the enjoyment of these rights by all individuals. "

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