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Rome, 22nd April 2015 - The L.I.D.U., Italian League of Human Rights expresses its anger at the death of the over seven hundred deaths, caused by the sinking of a vessel, occurred during the night of 18 and 19 April in the Sicilian Channel, at about sixty miles north of Libya.

The death of seven hundred in search of protection or labor is a crime that craves revenge against those (people or Institutions) who do not make enough efforts in order to avoid these tragedies, although they have the possibility to do that.
This enormous waste of human life in the Mediterranean Sea is the result of a political strategy’s lack by Italy, Europe and United Nations, that are not able to affect the root of this phenomenon.

Whereas there is an implementation of emergency measures which address only the effects (and neither successfully) of a question rooted in remoter and harder causes and responsibilities, this phenomenon will only get worse over time, if the political, geopolitical and humanitarian consequences, come to light in the Mediterranean Sea after the “Arab spring”, are not effectively and wisely addressed, if we do not put the respect of Hyman rights and of the fundamental Freedoms at the heart of the political action; if the United Nations does not have the strength to oblige the States, which are signatories of International Pacts, to the respect of the Human Rights against any kind of violation, with particular reference to those violations characterized by cruel, inhuman and degrading treatments, if the European Union does not express a uniform policy, able to draw up proposals and implement a strategic project, that should use in a positive way the great energy potential, implied by the migratory phenomena.

The Immigration has to be faced up, led and resolved by a policy, able to respect and reconcile the interests and the reasons of the countries of origin with those of the countries which are target for inward migrations: in fact, only implementing a reciprocity policy between countries of origin and countries of destination the reasons used by Isis in order to attract human resources will be eliminated.
All of this implies an effort, a will and a political ability, by the European Institutions in order to implement a political project , which aims to the peace among peoples and to an equal economical development, which should ensure the escaping from indigence, the recognition of human dignity and of the fundamental rights which are universally recognized.

The L.I.D.U. reaffirms that, without a project able to tackle in the right way the roots of the current crisis that the Mediterranean area and the whole world are experiencing, the human tragedies which are occurring, by sea and land to hundred thousand desperate people escaping from misery, persecutions and terror,
are going to occur again.

The L.I.D.U., with the support of FIDH and AEDH, commits itself to “hunt down” the National and International Institutions so that they abandon their policy directed to special interests, and start pursuing a far-reaching policy, directed to the interests of the all humanity, as well as adequately addressing the emergency situation moving from the respect of Human Rights and of the Right to Human Dignity.

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