Note on the situation of Human Rights in Georgia

Press release

Since the coming into power of Mr. Mikhaïl Saakaschvili at the favor of the so-called "roses’ revolution", local and international organisations observe regular deterioration of fundamental freedoms. The violations of rights and freedoms are encouraged by a very personalised and authoritarian sense of power from the President.

The first consequences of it are the exessive use of violence et and the impunity by law-enforcement bodies, repression and harassment against journalists, human right defenders, etc... This also contributed to conflictual situations at both internal (minorities and separatist regions of Abkhazia and South Ossetia) and external (recent break of diplomatic relations with Russia) levels.

This new escalation of internal and external tension can provoke a serious deterioration of the situation of civilian population of Georgia and lies within the on-going agravation of a general human rights situation.

See the enclosed Note on the situation of Human Rights in Georgia

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