FIDH condemns the Nice attack; the only possible answer is based on democratic principles and respect for human rights

FIDH strongly condemns the attack carried out in Nice yesterday, on July 14 – the French national holiday. According to a provisional count, it claimed the lives of 84 persons, including many children, and there are dozens of wounded, making this the most devastating attack in France since the attacks of November 13, 2015. The victims, who had gathered on the famous “Promenade des Anglais”, were crushed by a truck or shot at at the close of the traditional July 14 fireworks.

FIDH extends its condolences to the relatives of those who lost their lives and sends its best wishes for a speedy recovery to the injured persons. It expresses its solidarity to all those affected by the attack and to the people of France, which came together to celebrate the universal values of Liberty, Equality and Fraternity.

This attack is one of a long series in which hundreds of innocent persons lost their lives all over the world, as recently in Iraq, Bangladesh, the United States or Turkey. FIDH insists on the absolute necessity for governments to respect human rights and fundamental freedoms, as well as democratic principles, while countering terrorism and in response to these vile attacks, which affect the whole of mankind.

« I have no words about the madness in Nice. So painful to realise France keeps facing those tragedies, and people loosing their beloved ones. Just want to say, this tragedy is not just one for French people, we all share it. »

Tatsiana Reviaka, President - Belarussian Human Rights House in Vilnius
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